What you didn’t Know about Paul Pogba

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What you need to know about Paul Pogba

Paul Pogba was born on the 15th May of 1993 to his parents Moriba Pogba and Fassou Antoine Pogba in Lagny-Sur-Marne that is located in the eastern suburbs of Paris France.

He is the last born of three siblings. They were brought up in Roissy-en-Brie which is in the East of Paris.

In 1996, when he was just two years old, his parents separated and he was in the physical custody of their mother. Pogba’s parents are traced to Africa as his father came from the Democratic Republic of Congo while his mother came from Guinea in West Africa.

On his education, Pogba received a formal education at Roissy-en-brie at the age of 6 years where he had the first test of football. Pogba together with his siblings received tremendous support from their parents while they were young despite the fact that they were separated.

While at Roissy-en-Brie, Sombou Tati a family Friend and a neighbor helped Pogba’s mum by starting the teenage team in the area named US Torey. Pogba underwent a successful trial that enables him to join US Torey and served as the captain of clubs under 13 teams.

After a season in US Torey, Paul Pogba got spotted, in 2007, Twins Florentin and Mathias passed trials at Celta Vigo while Pogba got a chance to Le Havre Athletic club located in Northern France. He showed impressive performance and he was made the captain for the under 16 team.

He led this team to the final phase of the club’s, domestic league, even though they never win, he had a great chance to showcase his tactics in the field and he was rated the best player for that final match.

During his second season, he played for his country in the under 16 football team. Having observed his leadership, the national team coach Guy Ferrier made him the captain.

At the national level, coaches like Pierre installed him as captain thus becoming the center of National Youth Attention.
His game attracted many in Europe’s biggest clubs.

Among the interested clubs were Arsenal, Juventus, and Manchester United. On 31/5/2009, he moved to Red devils academy leaving Le Havre. Le Havre did not want to let him go but they agreed later after they moved the matter to FIFA.

In July 2009, Paul Pogba joined Machester United and he continued to shine in his career. His tenure in the club was cut short after clashing with then-manager Alex Ferguson. According to reports from his confidants the manager had put him on the bench without substantial reasons.

This made his agency look for alternative clubs to take him. In July 2012, the club announced to its fans that they had lost him to Juventus.

During his time in Turin, through his partnership with Marchisio and Vidal, they help Juventus won four consecutive series, a title, two Italian super cups,s, and 2 Copa Italia. On this, he becomes France’s poster boy as the country hosted Euro 2016. He plays alongside Ng’olo Kante in Euros.

In the 2016 Euro, he helped France reach the final where they lost 1-0 against Portugal. After the Euros, in August 2016, Pogba returned to Manchester United for the highest football transfer fee of € 105 million (£89.3 million) surpassing that of Gareth Bale under the management of Jose Mourinho.

In the 2016-2017 season, he helped Manchester United lift English premier league and UEFA Europe League.

In 2018 FIFA world cup he helped the country win the trophy .Paul Pogba earn $20,647,207 dollars per year .$1,720,600 dollars per month