The latest report by the World Bank shows that the Kenya government is not doing enough in project selection, project planning and implementation which has impacted on the output of the projects.

In the report, the world bank revealed that despite government investing a lot of the funds in the projects, the per capita is still low as compared to other countries using the same percentage of their Gross Domestic Projects (GDP) in developments.

This means that even if the government reduce the number of resources they invest in a certain project, they will still achieve the same output with the same resources like other countries only if they follow the right way of doing the projects.

The World Bank says that the government should really do some deep analysis on the project before injecting public funds.

The Kenya government is spending 20% of its GDP and the output is only 0.17 % growth in GDP while a country like Israel who spend the same percentage of its GDP gets 12.2% growth in its GDP.

This cross-country comparison reveals further that there is a gap which has to be filled by the government for the public to receive their value of money.