Tour on Wembley Stadium

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Wembley Stadium is the largest stadium in the United Kingdom and the second-largest in Europe. It is a football stadium that is located in Wembley Park in London.

Wembley stadium has capacity of 90,000 all seat capacity. The stadium has hosted FA final, champions league finals, English premier league matches. among other major football tournaments in Europe.

The Stadium is currently used by the Tottenham Hotspurs as their stadium is being built. They occupied the stadium in 2017 and since then they have use for their home matches.

Wembley stadium is currently called “Wembley stadium connected by EE” because of sponsorship reasons. EE telecommunication company entered a sponsorship deal with the stadium owners in 2014 for six years where they connect all communication facilities in the stadium for the period.

The new stadium was built and opened in 2007 after the demolition of the old stadium in 2002-2003. It was built at a cost of 1.2 billion euros. The funding was done by the sport of England, the Football Association, and The London Development Agency. It is one of the most ever built stadiums in Europe.

The stadium was designed by Populous and Forster &partners and was built by Australian based company called multiplex.

So who owns the stadium…

The stadium is owned by Football Association (FA),which is English football governing body.

Their headquarter offices are in the stadium.

There have been attempts by Fulham club owners to buy the stadium so that they use it as their home stadium. However, they dropped their bid in 2018 due to unfavorable investment conditions that affected many clubs in Europe.

Since the stadium is not owned by English rival clubs it is often referred to as host matches as it is a fairground to the playing clubs.

Lets have a tour inside the Wembley stadium

The stadium has some amazing facts that has always spark discussion among the football lovers. The fact that some parts of the stadium roof is retractable.

Not all parts of the roof is retractable, it is 60% of the East stand and West stand that is retractable to allow sunlight into the pitch for healthy growth.

Seating arrangement in the stadium

The stadium has four main stands with three-tiered bowl arrangement.

North Stand

North stand is the main stand in the stadium where home players tunnel is, The managers dugout is located as well as the dressing room.

This section is where FA trophies and any other tournament trophy is given out to the winning team.

It is where the arch that support the stadium room is predominantly tower above.

North stand
South stand

This stand is directly opposite the main stand. Fans who get a chance to seat here get a better view of the pitch unlike other stands view.

South Stand
East Stand

The East stand has some distinctive characteristics. In the third tier, there is a scoreboard and in the lower tier, it has a writing art of WEMBLEY written in Blue and white colors that contrast the red color of the stadium.

East Stand
West Stand

This stand that stand opposite the East end and it has a largest television in the middle of the tier three.

Like East stand, it has distinctive writing of “WEMBLEY” on the lower tier that has been written in Blue and while

West stand

Wembley is a neutral ground for major tournaments in London. It is interesting to see in the future if some clubs will make bids to own the stadium and what alternative the Football associations will have.