When it comes to netting in the goals, there are those players that have proved to be quite effective regardless of the number of defenders standing guard or even the angle they scoring from.

In the world of football, not every player has a chance to face the goalkeeper one on one or with close-proximity like the strikers.

Playing the center-forward, strikers have a big task to accomplish- score and win for the team.

The below ten players are strictly center- forwards who have a well-reputed record of scoring and winning it big for their respective teams.

If you’re keen enough, you’ll notice that highly prolific players such as Messi, Neymar, Hazard, etc. don’t have a reserved spot and for a valid reason; they are not strikers.


Benzema is a brilliant, hardworking and persistent goal scorer who has cemented his role as a striker at Santiago Bernabeu.

At the time he played alongside Christiano Ronaldo, Benzema’s effort seemed ordinary as the bigger fish took all the credit.


Left behind as the sole striker, Benzema is now one of the notable players expected to deliver the club to the Promised Land.

He now has 111 goals in the 235 matches he has played for Real Madrid. As of this writing, his career goals stand at 200 and still counting.

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