The Rise of Romelu Lukaku In Football Pitch

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Romelu Lukaku was born on the 13th May of 1993 to his parents Reger and Adolphine in Antwerp, Northern Belgium.

His parents belong to the Belgium black community which is a smaller group. His father was a big fan of football and he used to follow international matches hosted in Zaire using their Television. Then, Lukaku was a young boy and it is here where he got interested in football.

At the time, he had started his early childhood education and he was doing well. He had a younger brother called Jordan whom he used to play together when he was still young.

At the age of five years, his father enrolled him in a local club called Rupel Boom.

He was trained very well when he was at the club and his experience was growing day by day. After training for four years at the club, he left the Rupel Boom club to another academy called Lierse due to his good performance in the year 2004.

At Lierse, he was performing very well. For instance, in his first matches, he scored 121 goals in 68 matches played, making him very popular among football fans.

Despite his personal contribution, the Lierse club was relegated and several team players were moved to Anderlecht. In this new team, his performance on the pitch was impressive and he scored 131 goals in 93 matches.

During the 2009-2010 seasons, he was the top scorer in the Pro League with 15 goals leading his team to attain the Belgium title. They lost the title of 2010-2011; however, Lukaku scored 25 goals throughout the season.

In 2011, the premier league club Chelsea show interest in Romelu Lukaku. He agreed to sign a five-year deal. At the club, he continued to shine, and at one match when Chelsea was playing against Blackburn Rovers, he was named the man of the match.

Romelu Lukaku at his young age # Cordialnews

Towards the end of the season, his performance deteriorated and West Bromwich took him on loan. At the end of the season, he expressed his desire to remain at West Bromwich where the season of 2012-2013 ended being the sixth high goal scorer.

He went back to Chelsea during the 2013-2014 season but he again went to Everton on a loan deal for season-long deal. He scored 15 goals in 31 games of Everton that season which was very good thus Everton becoming number five in the premier league with a record of 72 points.

In 2015, Romelu Lukaku break a record for the club by scoring in seven consecutive premier league games. 2016-2017 was a successful season for Lukaku as well since he scored a hat-trick within the first 12 minutes of the game against Sunderland.

He won the PFA being the best player of the year and the PFA Young Player of the Year awards in July 2017. He joined Manchester United that same year. Romelu’s game at Manchester United was impressive and during that first season, he scored 24 goals in 29 appearances.

During the 2014 world cup, Romelu Lukaku together with his brother Jordon Lukaku was among the team representing their country Belgium. He was also present in the 2016 UEFA Euro.

On 8 August 2019, he joined inter Milan signing a contract deal of five years. He had an impressive performance during the 2020-2021 season he had scored 24 goals with 11 assists making him the second-highest top scorer after Ronaldo.

He also represented his team Belgium during EURO 2020 games. He was among the best five players on his team that played a very impressive game. He scored four goals for the Belgium team.