Top 10 Best Soccer Players in the World

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Lionel Messi. Photo. Courtesy.

Lionel Messi isn’t only the best soccer player in the world right now, but of all time. There has not been any player around who could dribble passed the whole team with such effectiveness and consistency.

Messi’s touches are well-calculated and his swift body allows him to glide past opponents with less of an effort.

When it comes to soccer, it’s not only about talent but also how one delivers in the pitch.

The world of football may not seem that complicated, but ranking the best players who are playing different positions can be an overwhelming task.

That said, here are the top 10 soccer players who are celebrated in the soccer world right now.

10. Kalidou Koulibly SSC- Napoli

Koulibaly is a big name in the Serie A side which has seen trouble getting past the solid defender with a bold and daring spirit.

Playing for Napoli, Koulibaly is a highly-sort after defender being eyed by some of the big names in the premier league. Not only does his form remains unwaveringly constant, but he also has a taste in leadership; something very crucial for any center back.

Kalidou Koulibaly SSC

9. Sadio Mane -Liverpool FC

With the strength of a bodybuilder and pace of a sprinter combined in one swift body; Sadio Mane has more to offer in the pitch.

He plays the kind of game that’s hard to read and understand- especially for the opponents. Due to his strength and speed, opponents often have a hard time separating him from the ball.

Mane’s dribbling skills are often calculated and just sufficient to leave the opponent hanging.

During the 2019’s FIFA Best Awards, he received a seal of approval from Messi who was disappointed to see the Senegalese in the fourth position.

Sadio Mane

8. Eden Hazard -Real Madrid

With Chelsea still struggling to fill in the gap left by the Belgian International, it’s undoubtedly clear that Eden Hazard isn’t only a game-changer but also an important asset to any club.

When it comes to dribbling skills, he ranks among the best only behind Neymar and Messi.

During his time in Chelsea, Hazard completed more successful dribbles compared to any other premier league player.

After moving to the Spanish side- Laliga; he has kept his form managing an average of 4.4 dribbles per game; a mark that’s only behind that of Lionel Messi.

Eden Hazard

7. Paul Pogba -Manchester United

Considered the most stylish player in the premier league who accompanies his talent with confidence, grace, and power; Paul Pogba is a distinct footballer ranking 7th on our list.

He plays to win while entertaining the fans and rarely fakes who he is in the game. On a normal day, Pogba is a world-class player who leads from the midfield.

He has proved to be quite flexible amid sudden changes in his playing position. Besides being primarily a central midfielder, he can also be deployed as a defensive midfielder or an attacking midfielder.

When well utilized and in harmony with the management, he often surpasses the expectations making him a deep-lying playmaker.

Paul Pogba

6. Kylian Mbappe -PSG

Mbappe is one of the few players who promises a lot to the soccer world. At his age, he has more goals than both Messi and Christiano combined by the time they reached the same age.

If this suggests something, it means that Mbappe could be the greatest goal scorer ever in the history of modern football.

At only 21, Mbappe’s trophy cabinet tells more about his hardworking nature paired with impeccable talent.

He is swift and sure and that makes him a rare gem most clubs are dying to have in their starting XI.

Kylian Mbappe

5. Kevin De Bruyne -Manchester City

If Kevin De Bruyne were in the Jungle, he’d be the most recognizable Panthera Tigris with dark vertical stripes and a lighter underside.

He is not only a workforce in the team but the team itself. He can easily read the game and switch gears to gain a somehow unfair advantage, making the opponents look useless in their jerseys.

Nobody delivers long-accurate passes better than De Bruyne. He has mastered the art and even the teammates appreciate his presence.

Besides the sublime first touch, heavy shots and acute awareness of what’s happening around and behind him; Kevin De Bruyne can dribble past defenders and that’s when he’s sure of oppressing the goalkeeper.

Kevin De Bruyne

4. Virgil Van Dijk -Liverpool

They call him the King of Defense for a reason, and yes he deserves it. The Dutch professional plays as a center back where he executes his duties relentlessly.

His outstanding physic, agility, aerial ability, and leadership prowess makes him one of the best center-backs of all time.

After joining Liverpool from Southampton, he has transformed Liverpool’s back four into a solid defense that has seen the team go on an unbeaten run in the premier league since January 12, 2019, when they lost 2-1 to Manchester City at Eastlands.

Virgil Van Dijk

3. N’Golo Kante – Chelsea FC

N’golo Kante is the engine who covers all corners in the pitch.

He’s extraordinary energetic and will always run for the ball while keeping an eye on the assigned opponents.

While Kante may not score the entire season, his efforts and contributions to the team cannot be overstated. He’s calm, collected and rarely makes mistakes to warrant him a booking.

Some of Kante’s attributes are flexibility and good timing for the ball. He rarely struggles to have the ball on his feet and more often covers both the attacking and the long-pitch runs.

At age 28, he is a highly marketable midfielder who does the heavy lifting for the team.

N’golo Kante

2. Neymar Jr -PSG

At number two is the prodigious Neymar who plays better than most average players given the same playtime.

What makes him in the top list is his first-class finishes, impressive dribbling abilities, and accurate passing.

He is second to Messi when it comes to changing the game from one end of the scale to the other.

At age 27, he has shown a lot of potentials and is a hot cake most prestigious clubs are fighting to have. Whether he is playing for the Brazilian national team or PSG, he’s often the man expected to bring changes and score for the team.

Neymar Jr

1. Lionel Messi -Barcelona

Lionel Messi isn’t only the best soccer player in the world right now, but of all time.

There has not been any player around who could dribble passed the whole team with such effectiveness and consistency. Messi’s touches are well-calculated and his swift body allows him to glide past opponents with less of an effort.

Messi isn’t only a headache to defenders but also goalkeepers who have to dive from one impossible corner to the other due to his unpredictability in netting in the goals.

What makes Messi the best player in the world is the critical balance of the major attributes that most players lack. Not only is he flexible but also careful to dodge career-threatening injuries.

He may not go for the flamboyant skill moves, but just enough to win for his team.

Lionel Messi