Rise of Belgium National Team

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Belgium National Team

Belgium is a country of approximately 11 million citizens wedged in between France and Germany in western Europe and dwarfed by the land mass and population growth of those neighbors. Belgium National team has made major achievement having ranked the top team in most planet games, its was ranked the top in FIFA 2015 and remained firmly on on perch ever since 2018.

For the coming 18 months, the team is hoping to win a trophy in the coming 2022 world cup ,they are hoping to become victorious in all football. In 2000 ,Belgium joy of hosting European championship was lost after being knocked out in the group stages of competition.

They had released thousands of white balloons just nine days before the tournament at king Baudouin stadium could kick off ,but the bubble emphatically burst inside that arena. Belgium team was knocked out in a 2-0 defeat by turkey.

The goals were scored by Hakan Sukur which gave goalkeeper Filip de Wilde nightmares ,this resulted to the conduction of a root and branch review of the entire football strategy.

The Belgium national team technical director at the Michael Sablon said the arrangement to host the tournament was well but the performance from the players was not good to both clubs and national team. The director Michael told the CNN that it was indeed bottom.

Belgium National Team during Euro 2021

Euro 2000 resulted to a turning point of two teams .Germany fear a defeat from England’ which would have resulted to group stage departure, it was competition that yield a world cup victory 14 years later which Belgium was about to return to something equal.

Sablon immediately identified a new vision for football in their country, they prepared from 7 am to 7 pm on Saturday and Sunday having started with a white piece of paper resulting to the whole development.

Sablon explained how four universities were recruited to assist in research and workload of youth players in either five a side or eight a side games.

Every detail had a significance i.e. was nine o’clock on a Sunday morning really the best time for a kid to play? They concluded a data from 1500 youth games, enlisted the cooperation of 70 coaches at all levels of the game and made 120 presentations to the club conclude in a year time .

4-3-3 formation was considered than 4-4-2 because it was more flexible which resulted to more players to take responsibility in football. This was a good plan but the modest size of Belgium football program might have been helped .
Everybody’ was easily found singing from the same song just two dozen professional clubs in the country, and us a country which had no greater achievements there’ was perhaps more freedom to try and less pressure for an immediate return on investment .

Sablon remembered the first game they had of under17 team against France which they lost 7-1 and the reaction come of course but year later in the same category they managed to beat France.

At this time young players like Romelu Lukaku ,Eden hazard and Kevin de Bruyne were 8,10and 10 years respective .no one would have known that this three of them and others had a career.

Soon they would be launched on a career trajectory that will change the sports world games.