Late President Daniel Torotoch Arap Moi has been laid to rest at his home in Kabarak on Wednesday.

The long-serving president who managed to rule Kenya for 24 years has been laid to rest near the grave of his late wife Lena Moi, who died in 2004. This is according to his wish.

Leaders who attended the burial functions at Kabarak grounds praised the late president for his commitment to the nation of Kenya.

President Uhuru Kenyatta accredited his political career to late President Moi. He also added that President Moi was a person who was easy to forgive.

His eulogy is similar to what Senator Moi said yesterday at Nyayo Stadium. Senator Moi who is the last born son in the family of Moi said that he was involved in an accident with a new car President Moi bought. Senator Gideon Moi said he went to apologize for his mistake with a Bible on his hand.

With his cunning tricks, his father who was aware of the incident forgave him even before he reported himself.

On the other hand, the deputy president praised Moi for his service to the People of Kenya. He said that Moi invested a lot in education while it was still the president.

He further added that he is a graduate of Moi’s school of politics.

Other leaders including Raila, Kalonzo, and Mudavadi praised Moi for his selfless service to the people of Kenya.


Late President Moi was a man who used KANU party to rule the nation. He joined KANU in 1966 after folding KADU with other leaders to join KANU who was a ruling party by then.

Raymond Moi who is the first son in the family of Late President Moi.Has taken over as a man in charge of Moi’s family. Raymond Moi is a Member of parliament for Rongai constituency under KANU.

Upon being crowned as head of the family by his clansmen. Raymon Moi told the mourners that Gideon Moi will be responsible for reviving KANU.

According to Kalenjin culture, a firstborn son is a man who will be in charge of family members after the death of a father.