How Much Do You Know About Old Trafford?

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Did you know that Old Trafford was first opened in 1910? And the match that was played to mark the official opening of the pitch was between Liverpool and Manchester united when The host team lost to Liverpool FC.

Old Trafford is located in old Trafford, Greater Manchester England. It is home stadium for Manchester United since it was constructed.

The stadium was designed by Archibald Leitch and constructed by Messrs Brameld and Smith of Manchester. Archibald also designed Stamford Bridge the home stadium for Chelsea. The stadium was planned to cost $60,000, but exceeded by $30,000 in 1909.

Old Trafford was designed to accommodate 100,000 people. However, the capacity has not been reached with current expanded structure.

The current capacity of the stadium is 74, 140 seats. The Club has plans to expand the capacity to 88,000 Seats.

Old Trafford has been used to host several tournaments which include, FA cup Finals. Semi-Finals FA, World cup, Champions League Finals among other cups.

Old Trafford structures and facilities

Old Trafford Design Plan

Sir Alex Ferguson stand

The North Stand was renamed Sir Alex Ferguson in 2011 in honour of Alex ferguson who had served in the club as a manager for 25 years and had won 37 trophies.

It became the first stand in World to have named after an individual. This stand is a three tier stand form structure that house 26,000 spectators.

The stand houses other facilities of the club which include Manchester united Theme restaurant and bar, Trophy house, and Manchester United Museum.

Sir Alex Ferguson Stand

Sir Bobby Charlton stand

Bobby Charlton was a great player of Manchester United and Helped the club in 1960s to win several trophies.

He was the director of the club from 1984 and helped the club in selecting Sir Alex Ferguson.

Sir Bobby Charlton was formerly known as South Stand and it is a single-tier which houses 9,800 people and it is directly opposite Sir Alex Ferguson Stand.

This stand receive little view by media as it is where media houes which include BBC, sky among others are located here.

The stand also has executives suites where VIP guests sit when they come to watch the match.

Also, this stand has dugout that is raise to allow club managers to have proper view of the match.

Sir Bobby Charlton Stand

West stand

West stand was formerly called Stretford End and it is the longest standing in Old Trafford.

It is a single tier capacity stand till 2000 when it was converted to two tier stand when the stadium was being converted to all seater stadium as required by law in England.

The stand was designed to hold 20,000 spectators.

This is a stand that is known in Old Trafford for being occupied by die-hard fans and most noise makers in the club.

West Stand

East stand

The East Stand is sometimes called Scoreboard since it was where the scoreboard was located since the stadium was built.

The stand has a capacity of 12,000 fans. This stand is well design to allow disable fans to come and watch the match. The people whose cares for the disable fans are given free seats.

The away fans seats in this section.

This Stand houses other facilities if the club which include Manchester united Megastore that sells sports Kits.

Behind this East stand, is administrative center where clubs staff operate.

East Stand

Old Trafford pitch

The pitch Measures 105 Meters by 68 meters and some meters around the pitch

Like any other modern pitch. It has implemented advance soil heating systems and Irrigations systems to keep the pitch ever green and good looking.

The most interesting facts about Old Trafford pitch is that , there are 37 Kilometer long pipes that is used to irrigate the field.

Old Trafford Pitch


Manchester United owns and operate the Old Trafford Stadium since it was opened in 1910.

Record attendance

Old Trafford Stadium has the highest record of fans being in the year 1939 when there a was a Semi-Final FA match between Wolverhampton Wanderers and Grimsby Town. In this match 76,962 spectators attended the Match.

Also, during that decade of 1930s, the club recorded the lowest spectators on average. This is credited to the world recession that happened in the late 1920s.

The highest season that has seen many fans watching the match in Old Trafford is on 2006-7 English Premier league matches.

Future of Old Trafford stadium

Old Trafford expansion mission was launch in 2009 after the redevelopment of 2006. The club intended to expand Sir Bobby Charlton’s stand which is currently a single tier. The expansion of the stand by 1 tier will have seen its height equal to that Of Sir Alex Ferguson.

The Expansion according to the plan was going to raise the stadium capacity to 95,000 which could have exceeded Wembley Stadium which currently has a capacity of 90,000.

In 2018, the Club management run into major setback on the expansion program of the stand.

The expansion program was necessitating that club look for alternative playing field. And since Wembley Stadium was being used by Tottenham, the available options to the club was to either use rival club stadium of Manchester city or Liverpool.

According to the club management, the options were not viable at the time and the expansions was suspended.

The expansion programs is estimated to cost the club 110 Million Euros.

Old Trafford image gallery