England Failed to Clinch Euro 2020 Tournament Cup

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England National Team

For the first time in 55years, England was in the finals of an international tournament which happened at Wembley stadium against Italy. England did not win the championship but the fans still had all reason to celebrate.

England did very well both on and off the pitch and this clearly showed some relief after a rough year although they did not get the anticipated results.

The game ended in a draw of 1-1, which led to a penalty shootout. Marcus Rashford, Sancho, and Bukayo were unable to score during the shootout which made them lose to Italy in a 3-2 Victory.

The British prime minister, Boris Johnson expressed his feelings about the game. He said that the team deserves some credit even though they did not achieve the desired results.

Also, David Lammy praised the home team boasting that England has the best of football talent and a good spirit of teamwork

In Rome, fans celebrated all over after Italy win. Since the year 1966, England has not been in any other championship till the recently concluded Euro championship of 2021.

England Fans hoped that this was going to be their year of victory. They had even composed a new chorus “football is coming home” which had become their new national anthem for the past few weeks.

England took the lead during the game with Luke Shaw scoring in the first two minutes of the game. The celebration was evident for the English fans.

However, the moment of glory was put to an end when Italy’s, Leonardo Bonucci scored during the 2nd half bringing the two teams to a draw.

A month of series of games finally came to an end marked with the penalty shootouts. This moment turned out to be crucial for the fans both at the stadium and the viewers. Football proved to be one of the most uniting things in England with the registration of over 30million viewers during the match

Queen Elizabeth II, wrote to Southgate and his team wishing him well prior to the game. England Fans cheered their teams with St. George’s Flag and the Flag of England high up in the air.

At the gates of Wembley stadium, fans without tickets tried to force their way into the stadium. At King’s cross, fans set a flare which led to an immediate evacuation.

During the police patrol, 49 people were arrested. As a result of Rashford, Bukayo Sako, and Sancho failing to score, racist comments rose from the fans who took to social media.

England’s football association, Prince William, and London’s mayor Sadiq Khan showered their support by condemning the racist comments.

And England will have to wait for more years for this to happens, but Southgate the current coach will be proud of the team because this is the best results they have produced in many decades, keeping five clean sheets in six matches